Oceania, Holiday Isle

When Skip and Yvette Jemison purchased their 2,800 square foot gulf-front vacation home at Oceania on Holiday Isle in Destin, They knew exactly where to turn when it came to interior design, Gary Killough of Killough Design Studio…Read more

Kitchen of the Issue

Featured here is a mid-century kitchen featuring tons of storage and a modern layout. But these were only a few of the requirements needed as this newly married couple renovated their 1950’s Cordova Park kitchen…Read more

Ono, Everything We Dreamed of...

Birmingham residents Jim and Barbara Nevins have always loved the Alabama Gulf Coast. Jim loves the water and all the guys in the family like to fish. “Because of the quick access to the Gulf, Ono Island was the perfect location, and it provides us with everything we’ve dreamed of.”…Read more

Fall Fashion, AQUA

Check-out some of this year’s hot fashion trends fashion trends in this issue’s special Fall Fashion feature from the AQUA decor & design’s Fall collection…Read more

Frank Brown Singer Songwriters Festival

Aside from being skilled writers, songwriters are often talented musicians themselves. The process of coming up with a great song involves more than just being able to tell a great story…Read more

The USODA Nationals

In July, the Pensacola yacht Club hosted the 2018 Optimist Nationals, a three-event, 10-day, 168-race optimist marathon. It was the largest sailing event ever held in Pensacola and one of the largest ever in Florida …Read more