Hidden Treasures of the Coast | Resort Resale

Written by D. Fran Morley


Amy Moore was a regular shopper at the Resort Resale shop in Santa Rosa Beach for years when she found that the owners were ready to sell the store and move on. She been sourcing unique home furnishings and accessories for her home-flipping business and found Resort Resale a treasure trove of pieces from all over the world.

“In our resort communities, most homes, particularly second homes or vacation homes, are sold fully furnished,” said Amy Moore.

“The homeowner, realtor, or designer who is preparing a home for the market is a large part of my clientele. This client is searching for the perfect accent piece, a signature work of art, an eye-catching accessory to complete a particular look. On the other end of the transaction, the homebuyer may come here looking for ways to make the newly acquired home conform to his or her own taste or style.”

Resort Resale has found a niche in the gulf coast market – the 5,700 square-foot shop handles only home furnishings and accessories – no clothing, sports equipment, or other items typically found in a consignment shop. Amy inspects and approves every piece that comes into the store, insisting all items are in excellent condition.

“I hand-pick every single thing, giving the store the feel of a curated collection. We don’t accept ‘project pieces,’ or items that are showing wear and tear,” she says.

The store focuses on traditional furniture, art, accessories, lighting, rugs, mirrors and the like, and the occasional modern, eclectic piece brings a pop of excitement to the mix.

Resort Resale serves a broad clientele from all along the northern gulf coast. Amy says that in a great many instances the customer becomes a consignor and vice-versa.

“I love it when someone comes in to find a piece for a home they’re selling, and then comes back looking for the perfect thing for the house they’re buying – and brings something to sell at the same time,” she says. “It really makes me happy when someone comes in and says they found their favorite piece of art, or rug, or lamp here – I feel as if I’m doing my job well when that happens!”

Resort Resale comes across as far more than a conventional resale shop. Because of the cosmopolitan nature of the beach communities, the residents and visitors come from all over the country and even the world.

“We get plenty of ‘finds’ in the store that are for all practical purposes entirely new,” Amy says. “Plus, we get pieces, particularly art and sculpture, that are timeless in nature and therefore new to each owner. We really do have hidden treasures, only they’re not hidden – they are right here for our customers to find!”

Visit resortresalefl.com for details, or stop by their shop at 3834 Highway 98 West, Santa Rosa Beach, FL.