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The Gulf Coast is world-famous because we know how to play, and we know how to relax. One of the best ways to do both is in a sparkling backyard pool. The experts at Cox Pools of Orange Beach, Alabama have been making Gulf Coast paradise dreams a reality for over fifty years. Featuring residential pools, water fountains and features, and outdoor living space designs, Cox Pools has virtually everything for a splashing good time in the sun.

One of the most stunning pools that Cox Pools features is the vanishing edge pool. Vanishing edge pools, also known as infinity pools, are designed so that water flows over the edge and gives the visual effect of free-floating water. Vanishing edge pools tend to blend with their surroundings, be it a larger body of water or a natural vista. Chris Sheppard from Cox Pools says that vanishing edge pools create a unique atmosphere because the backside has “the look and sound of vertical water,” giving the area a fountain effect. One of the most spectacular times to experience this is at night with LED lighting used to highlight the water’s fountain movement. Vanishing edge pools offer the best of both worlds: a tranquil oasis by day and an alluring waterfall hideaway by night.

While vanishing pools guarantee a sophisticated yet exotic feel to any space, there are many reasons, aside from aesthetics, to make the investment. These upscale pools do not require any extra maintenance compared to standard pools. The water is in constant motion and recycled through a pump thereby eliminating the need for a traditional filtration system. This allows for the most effective use of water and keeps many customers’ water bills low. Vanishing edge pools also add instant real estate appeal and market value to any home. For customers with property elevation issues, infinity pools are the ideal choice because, due to their design, they do not require a retaining wall.

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Cox Pools has mastered the art of providing customers with the beauty, elegance, and value that make vanishing edge pools so desirable. If you have ever dreamt of lounging by your own piece of paradise, visit Cox Pools in Orange Beach. With the hot days of summer soon approaching, make Cox Pools your partner in creating your private Gulf Coast oasis.

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