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Street photography and New York City are terms that seemingly go hand in hand. Manhattan is a relatively tiny island filled with nearly 1.63 million incredibly diverse and dynamic individuals. Amidst the bustling city of Manhattan sits the eclectic Lower East Side and East Village. Each street corner has its own unique identity; it’s own vibe where tradition meets trend. It is a mecca for young, aspiring artists and musicians.

Gulf Coast photographer, Lindsey Meeks, recently visited the five boroughs of New York City– Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, The Bronx, and Staten Island. Upon advice from his good friend, Megan Coley, he spent a great deal of time in the Lower East Side absorbing its culture. He placed himself in the center of the commotion to experience the city at street level. Lindsey states, “Street photography is an art in and of itself. Seeing the Lower East Side from this perspective was an experience like none other.”

The imagery from Lindsey’s trip offers a view into the style, creativity, and individuality of people living in the Lower East Side. His approach to visual storytelling is mesmerizing. By freezing a moment in time, he captures the uniqueness of the surroundings and culture. Lindsey continues, “There is a particular simplistic charm to a person quietly riding a bike down the street, while two streets away art covers neighborhood walls with some of the most stunning street murals extending across multiple buildings.”

Neighborhoods in the Lower East Side boast some of the best restaurants, bars, and clubs the city has to offer. It is no doubt the center of nightlife in New York. In a city that never sleeps, Lindsey states, “the street food was fantastic, and you could spend hours shopping the street vendors.” He recalls with particular fondness a 99-cent pizza store, which struck him as odd as New York is notoriously expensive.

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New Yorkers are experts when it comes to maximizing space. Some of the trendiest restaurants, boutique coffee shops, and bars are located on the first floor of apartment buildings. Rooftop restaurants and bars with outdoor patios offer some of the best dining experiences and city views. Rather than trekking up to an observation deck, locals and visitors flock to rooftop restaurants and bars to unwind and enjoy a breath of fresh air above the bustling city streets. The view of the skyline, which has defined and redefined the urban landscape for decades, from atop the buildings, is awe-inspiring. “The rooftop views were unparalleled, and the nightlife scene was movie-like” Lindsey recalls. “It was surreal.”

No matter the time of day, the pulse of the city lifestyle is beyond compare. The sheer adrenaline of so many people circulating in such a small space keeps the area fresh and alive. New York is a must-see for everyone. It is a historical treasure-trove and a testament to the ever-changing cityscape.

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